Thursday, April 24, 2008

Now with commenting!

As you may have heard from a few other blogs, especially Amy Wong on the Adobe Developer Connection blog, we launch some new stuff we've been working on to help developers get the best possible answers to their questions, and also help us deliver the best possible content.

First, search. We launch a beta of what we are calling Community Help. Its starting just with Flex. Whats cool about this is that it searches, as well as specific community resources, to help you find the best possible answer, no matter where it is. There are number of folks at Adobe and in the community that add resources to the search index, so as new things become available that have good answers, we'll index them.

Commenting - Commenting isn't new. We've had commenting in a number of place on for a while. But whats cool here is that with this implementation of commenting across the Flex Developer Center on the ADC, and livedocs, commenting has become consistent and integrated across both of those locations. This will really help our teams deliver the best possible technical content to help you be more productive.

Check out all the new stuff on the Flex Developer Center.

If you have additional questions how all of this works, Amy Wong's blog entry at the URL at the beginning of this post has more info too. And be sure to leave us feedback on what you think about all of this here. Or feel free to post comments on my blog and I'll make sure they are passed along.

- Jonathan

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