Thursday, October 25, 2007

Did You Know...vol. 4

OK, so it has been awhile since my last post, but sometimes you just get busy!

Lots of good nuggets today, so I am going to dive right in!!

Did you know that:

  • Mike Chambers and Lee Brimelow are doing a mini AIR user group tour in Europe? Be sure to check out Mike's most recent blog post for cities and dates. This is going to be a great tour so be sure to check it out if it is coming to a city near you!
  • Adobe SF is hosting a RIA Developer Camp on November 5? This will sell out fast, so be sure to register early!
  • The Adobe Mobile & Devices user group managers collaborated on a huge Flash Lite mobile game contest? Click here for more information.
  • The Pacifica beta was open? Check out Renaun Erickson's blog for more details on what Pacifica is and how to sign up.
  • Starting in November, Adobe will be making Flex Builder 2 available to qualified students and educators worldwide at no cost! Check out the press release for additional details.

If you already knew all of the above then you are keeping one step ahead of me!!

Until next time...

Ed Sullivan

Friday, October 19, 2007

Great new content and videos on the ADC

Craig Goodman, George Fox, Hong Qiu, Amy Wong, Stefan Gruenwedel, Michael Koch, and Julie Campagna continue to churn great technical content and videos on the Adobe Developer Connection (ADC).  If you haven't seen this stuff, or aren't a member of the ADC, and don't subscribe to the biweekly update or RSS feeds to get updated, then you may have missed some of this. 

Here's a laundry list of great stuff for you.

- Jonathan


Adobe AIR

Uploading files to a server from an Adobe AIR application

Mashing up Google Maps with Adobe AIR

Taking a Flex app to the desktop



Creating a preloader in ActionScript 3.0



Introducing the Adobe Spry framework for Ajax



Communicating between Flex and .NET

Building a standalone Adobe AIR app on with Flex 3


Flash Lite

Flash Lite 3 video capabilities



ColdFusion 8 Server Monitoring - Part 2: Using the Server Monitor in production

Learning stored procedure basics in ColdFusion 8



Passing credentials using WS-Security headers

Developer Videos
These live on the MAX blog, and if you haven't been checking that out, you may have missed it. 

Rick Treitman, Buzzword / Virtual Ubiquity

Flex, AS3, deployed via Flash player (AIR version soon to come)

Troy Hahn - Auburn University Fisheries website

Dreamweaver /Spry data set, along with Contribute, Acrobat (PDF), and Captivate

Anthony Franco, Discovery Channel's Cancer Collage

Flash and Flex

Frog Design - Disney Travel Agent App

AIR, Flex, and Flash and Photoshop CS3 for building comps

Alan Queen - Digimix

AIR, Flex and ActionScript 3

John Wu - Ora Time and Expense Tracker

AIR, HTML, JavaScript, EXTjs framework

Ed Finkler - Spaz.AIR

AIR, HTML, JavaScript

Tom Bray and Robert Cadena, Searchcoders Dashboard

AIR, Flex and LiveCycle Data Services

Marc Hughes, AgileAgenda

AIR, Flex, PHP

Rachel Roth, DHAP - Pirates of the Caribbean

Flash, Illustrator, Photoshop, After Effects

Michael Carbajal, NASA interactive reference guide

Flash, Photoshop, Illustrator, PDF, After Effects and Premiere

Marc Cadle - OASSIS (Homeland Security)

100% Dreamweaver, ColdFusion 8 (Flex and AIR app in development)

Josh Hirsch, Big Spaceship / HBO

AS3, Flash, FLV, Photoshop (comps), After Effects, Papervision

Monday, October 1, 2007

Some additional notes about the Adobe Developer Connection

Since we launched the new Adobe Developer Connection on Friday, I've been thrilled to see a number of posts, as well have had a number of conversations with folks at MAX about how much everyone likes the new user interface.

Over the weekend, a few key membership benefits went live.

  1. The ADC introNetwork - This is a professional network for developers and designers who want to share their backgrounds and skills to connect with others, share their knowledge, and perhaps even find a job. There are more than 800 professionals in the network today, including more than 100 adobe staffers. And if you are looking to hire someone for a short project or a full time job, there are 80 people that have said they are interested in being contacted about a job. I have a feeling the number of people in the network is going to increase over the next few days.
  2. The ADC Developer Desktop is now live as well - This is a Adobe AIR application and is a handy way to receive desktop notifications about changes in status of bugs in the Flex bugbase What I think is cool, is that you can drag an item from the bugbase website, and drop in into the desktop app to track it. From that point on, when there are status changes to the bugs you are watching, you get toast notifications when the app is running.
You can get access to these applications by joining the Adobe Developer Connection. Once you've signed it, you can click over the introNetwork, or download the Developer Desktop. And if you are attending the MAX conference in Chicago, please join me and some of the folks behind the ADC, as well as the team of folks that helps manage many of our relationships with community leaders tonight, at our Birds of Feather Session. Its at 8:30 pm in room 184B. Hope to see you there!