Monday, June 25, 2007

Help us help you - but wait, there's more

Ok, actually there isn't more, as my title would suggest. This post only has a request for your participation in a survey. We tend to do a lot of research in the community, asking developers and designers for their opinions on lots of stuff, ranging from product features, pricing to marketing.

Here's one more survey to add to the mix. But I'd like to add a personal request for readers of this blog, and anyone else who links to this post to please complete the survey at the link below. Your responses will really help us shape the resources we provide for you as developers using Adobe technologies.

So in the end, if you take 5 minutes or less right now, and voice your opinion about developer resources and programs, it can have a big impact on the type of content and resources that we provide down the road. (Wow does, that sound like one of those cheesy ads you see on TV? I certainly hope not. Otherwise, I'll have to send out a lot of Ginsu knives. Which by the way, you can see the original Ginsu ad below.)

You can also feel free to blog it or share the link to the survey with co-workers if you want. (Feel free to share the link to the Ginsu knife video too, but I'm definitely not asking you to pass that on. I'm only asking you to pass on the survey to other developers using Adobe technologies.

And lastly, note that we are focusing this research a bit more on the developer than the designer, but lots of people in the community cover both design and coding, so feel free to take a look and see if you think its relevant to you.

You can take the survey via the following link

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