Friday, June 1, 2007

Certain about certification

How do companies get clear indicators that you are a good developer? Do they look at your work? Give you a test, or ask you to build something? Talk to your old employers?

One of the things I think many companies look for is certification on a specific technology.

I'd love to hear from Adobe developers that have gotten certified on any technology, not just Adobe product. Was it worth it? Did it help you get a job? Did it help you earn more money? Would you do it again? Please comment on my blog. I'd love to hear about the good, and the bad.

And by the way, many people don't know this, but Adobe has a wide range of certification programs. You can learn about Flex certification, for example, here. And many of the other certification offers can be found


George said...

I know someone who parlayed a flash certification into a teaching job which they would have otherwise been unable to obtain.

Dan Green said...

I've been a ColdFusion certified developer for a number of years. Certification is not a requirement or even encouraged by my employer. The advantage to me is that in the course of studying for the exam it forces me to look into features of the product that I haven't or don't ordinarily use, many of which get incorporated into future projects.

David O Malley said...

Sorry, I'm a little late - I just discovered this blog! My company requires CF certification within one year of hiring.